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Other Music Recording Co.'s 2015 Northside Festival Showcase

We hope you will join us at 
Union Pool on Saturday night, June 13, for the Other Music Recording Co. showcase at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn.  

11:30 PM - NUDE BEACH 
Don Giovanni Records //  Listen on Soundcloud
Other Music Recording Co. // Listen on SoundCloud
Other Music Recording Co. // Listen on SoundCloud
8:30 PM - 178 PRODUCT 
Feat. members of Liquid Liquid, Les Savy Fav, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Faith // Listen on SoundCloud

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posted: May, 2015

Invisible Familiars Premiere New Music Video

Invisible Familiars have just premiered the video for the single, “Act One,” via Noisey, Charlotte Kemp Muhl of the Ghost of s Saber Tooth Tiger. “Act One” is featured on Invisible Familiars debut album, Disturbing Wildlife, released in January on the Other Music Recording Co. The group will be making their first Los Angeles performance in support, this Wednesday, April 15 at Harvard & Stone, and have announced a slew of upcoming New York performances below. 

April 15 -  Los Angeles, CA @ Harvard & Stone
April 25 - Hudson, NY @ 24 Hour Dronefest - Basilica Hudson
April 26 - Brooklyn, NY @ Braincave Festival - Baby's All Right
May 2 - New Paltz, NY @ Snug Harbor
June 4 - Brooklyn, NY @ Robert Wyatt Tribute (organized by WNYC's David Garland) - Roulette
June 13 - Brooklyn, NY @ Northside Festival - Union Pool
June 17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium


posted: April, 2015

Tall Tales and the Silver Lining Video Premiere

With their new album, Tightropes, just released on Other Music Recording Co., California's Tall Tales and the Silver Lining has premiered their video for "Something to Believe In" via Flood Magazine. Writer Christian Koons notes: "The video follows frontman Trevor Beld Jimenez and company as they drive their van around northeast LA playing shows, eating tacos, and dancing. A lot. But it’s hard to blame them—the sun-soaked melody of “Something To Believe In” is pretty undeniable."

Tall Tales and the Silver Lining's Tightropes is available here as CD, LP and Download.
posted: March, 2015

Out Now: Tall Tales and the Silver Lining's "Tightropes"

Tall Tales and the Silver Lining are streaming their new album now via PopMatters, who write: The easy-going vibes of Tightropes may hearken back to the ‘70s, but those golden tones are just the starting point for what’s a vibrant and current effort by Los Angeles’ Tall Tales and the Silver Lining... a better point of reference might be a more contemporary one, as the album brings to mind a more pop-minded War on Drugs. And beyond any musical resonances Tall Tales and the Silver Lining share with War on Drugs, it’s more the general spirit and feel that they have in common, in the way they take familiar musical themes and then put a twist on them.

Tall Tales and the Silver Lining's new album can be ordered here. The band will be performing on the West Coast this winter and with a full U.S. tour in the spring -- click here for tour dates.



posted: February, 2015

Invisible Familiars' Album Debut, 'Disturbing Wildlife,' Out Now

Invisible Familiars' debut album, Disturbing Wildlife, is out now! The band signed to Other Music this past spring, releasing the 7” single “Clever Devil” b/w “Digger’s Invitation” in June. Stereogum called it, “T. Rex in a funhouse of horrors,” advising, “Let it cast a spell on you.” Invisible Familiars is led by Jared Samuel, a New York City-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has long made his living playing music and supporting a variety of NYC artists – from Sharon Jones to Martha Wainwright, and most recently, Cibo Matto and the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger.

Samuel retreated to the seclusion of a houseboat docked in Jamaica Bay to write the music and words that would become Disturbing Wildlife. "It was the first time I'd ever spent more than one day completely by myself," said Samuel, "wondering just exactly what is real and then, ultimately, feeling fine." Back on land, Samuel enlisted good friend Michael Leonhart (Steely Dan/Yoko Ono) to co-produce the record and gathered a striking group of musicians to help perform it, including Robbie Mangano, Tim Kuhl, Jolie Holland, Yuka Honda & Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto), Nels Cline, Ryan Sawyer, Stuart Bogie (Antibalas), and many more.

The latest single, "Heavenly All," is a lyrical treasure map to the transformative and often playful experience of solitude: talking to myself again, cravin heavy metal. Disturbing Wildlife is a record that slinks and slithers through time, defying the notion of genre and embracing the risk of feeling. It never lets the listener pin it down and, instead, returns the favor, holding you still between the sometimes-dream of existence and the exquisite power of Samuel's compositions. Disturbing Wildlife is available from us here, as well as your favorite local record store, and iTunes and Amazon

posted: January, 2015

Tall Tales and the Silver Lining Premieres "This Time Around"

Los Angeles’ Tall Tales and the Silver Lining premiere their new single “This Time Around” from their forthcoming album, Tight Ropes. Other Music Recording Co. will release the new album on February 24th. Wondering Sound, who debuted the track, writes, "Trevor Beld Jimenez, frontman for the LA group Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, writes big, bright guitar-pop songs that play like a hybrid of ’70s Americana and mid ’80s jangle-pop, bright constellations of guitar surrounding Jimenez’s wry, Tom Petty-esque delivery." They go on to say, "It’s a gorgeous, honey-dipped song as sweet as a sonnet and as bright as the midday sun." 


posted: January, 2015

Invisible Familiars' Upcoming LP Premieres on Brooklyn Vegan

Invisible Familiars has just premiered their debut album, Disturbing Wildlife, with an album stream on Brooklyn Vegan -- the record is out this Tuesday, January 27 and can be pre-ordered here. The New York trio will be previewing the album live this Friday at Bar LunAtico in Bed-Stuy before celebrating January 30 at Baby's All Right. Relix called the record, "rich in composition, arrangement and atmosphere, filled with adventurous melodies, intricate settings and pleasing fun with every meticulous new trick," while The New York Times said of the band's CMJ performance, "Invisible Familiars... had songs that started out wry and low-key but took smart, whimsical and sometimes raucous detours." Invisible Familiars recorded an in-studio session for WNYC's Spinning on Air in December, which aired this past Sunday, January 18 -- watch here.  

posted: January, 2015

Track Premiere off 75 Dollar Bill's "Wooden Bag" LP -- Out Now

75 Dollar Bill premieres their new song, "Cuttin' Out," off their new LP Wooden Bag. The duo of Che Chen and Rick Brown came together in New York City in 2012, their singular instrumental music drawing various sources from around the world and across disciplines, everything from Mauritanian guitar to raw minimalism and blown-out urban blues, yet sounding unlike anything we’d heard before. Wooden Bag is their debut vinyl release (after various cassette and digital EPs) and first for Other Music Recording Co., packaged in a limited-edition hand-stamped sleeve, -- LP (including a download code) is available for purchase here as well as MP3, WAV and FLAC formats. The band will be touring the US throughout the winter and spring.

Che Chen has recorded and toured playing violin, guitars and other instruments, with a diverse set of artists including True Primes, Jozef van Wissem, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Che-Shizu and Robbie Lee. His guitar work explores a variety of influences, including Mauritanian guitar, Indian music, North Mississippi guitar boogie, Sun Ra, Led Zeppelin, the Velvets, Henry Flynt, and DNA.

Rick Brown has been playing drums and percussion on the downtown New York scene since the early ‘80s, and has recorded and toured with numerous bands, including V-Effect, Run On, Timber, Fish & Roses, and Chris Stamey, and has collaborated live or in the studio with Tortoise, Matmos, Yo La Tengo, Charles Hayward, Fred Frith, Malcolm Mooney, Elliott Sharp, Jean Smith, Mark Cunningham and many others.

 In The New York Times, Ben Ratliff wrote of the duo’s live show: “Che Chen’s guitar: a cut-rate Japanese model sketching looped figures inside old Arabic modes, pushing jagged sound through a small amplifier. But as Mr. Chen stood playing hypnotic guitar repetitions, moving with the stresses of the riffs, the drummer Rick Brown sat on a square wooden box, open in the back, and attacked it from above. Sometimes he used his heel to bounce on a kick-drum pedal, pointing backward toward the box; mostly he was striking the sides of the box with his hands and a homemade mallet, hard, finding different pitches in different places. He cued transitions in the music, building odd or compound rhythms, turning them around and blurring distinctions between downbeats and upbeats. On the surface, the rhythms were only secondary to the guitar lines; deeper down, they were enfolded. One couldn’t do without the other.”

February 14 - Brooklyn, NY @ Troost
March 14 - Brooklyn, NY @ Troost
April 11 - Brooklyn, NY @ Troost


posted: January, 2015

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