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Ahead of his second full-length, Let's Dance Raw, the former frontman of legendary Japanese psych-rockers Yura Yura Teikoku, Shintaro Sakamoto, has revealed "Like an Obligation," a slink, sensuous, six-minute piece at the heart of the album. Beneath its breezy exterior, the track's off-kilter rhythms and vibrant sax solos bely what is quite possibly Let's Dance Raw's most bittersweet moment, with Sakamoto oft-repeating: "Beautiful, like an obligation/loving each other, like an obligation." It's another twist in a suite that continually upends expectations on what you can expect from the former YYT man.

The track just premiered on The 405, who writes: "It's also a pretty sublime taster of what to expect from his forthcoming second album, Let's Dance Raw, which is out September 15 [in the EU/UK] via Other Music." The album sees release on September 16 in the US, and can be pre-ordered here

Written by Other Music — September 04, 2014

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