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Shintaro Sakamoto's upcoming full-length, Let's Dance Raw, premiered today, streaming in its entirety on Noisey in North America, and The Line of Best Fit in the UK and EU. Describing the former Yura Yura Teikoku frontman's new solo album, TLOBF writes, "It's another fascinating addition to Sakamoto’s canon. Bask in the surreal apocalyptica that he weaves. Congealing themes of mortality, utopia, happiness and death, he flies through jazzy AM radio, Latin beats, post-war Japan, post-war USA, and all manner of exotic, temporal and extraterrestrial twangs.

With a headline that reads "Shintaro Sakamoto's Let's Dance Raw is here to funk your day up," Noisey goes on to urge its readers to "dance to some music that sounds like a long-lost breakbeat masterpiece." Click either of the respective links above to stream the album in full, and pre-order Let's Dance Raw here. (Out Tuesday, September 16 in the US, and Monday, September 15 in the UK and EU.)

Written by Other Music — September 09, 2014

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