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Tall Tales and the Silver Lining are streaming their new album now via PopMatters, who write: The easy-going vibes of Tightropes may hearken back to the ‘70s, but those golden tones are just the starting point for what’s a vibrant and current effort by Los Angeles’ Tall Tales and the Silver Lining... a better point of reference might be a more contemporary one, as the album brings to mind a more pop-minded War on Drugs. And beyond any musical resonances Tall Tales and the Silver Lining share with War on Drugs, it’s more the general spirit and feel that they have in common, in the way they take familiar musical themes and then put a twist on them.

Tall Tales and the Silver Lining's new album can be ordered here. The band will be performing on the West Coast this winter and with a full U.S. tour in the spring -- click here for tour dates.



Written by Other Music — February 18, 2015

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