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's new album is in stores this Friday, October 2, but you can listen to the record now on Paste, who are streaming Secret in the Dark in its entirety. The magazine describes the record as "a moody mix of bright, driving synth beats and persistently deep, rumbling bass lines. Monika Christodoulou, hailing from Athens, Greece, lets her voice sit softly atop the beat, crafting infectious tunes that are sure to get you moving even on a dreary, rain-sodden Tuesday." Stream Monika's Secret in the Dark here

New Yorkers can Monika live in October, with four performances scheduled in the Big Apple:

October 8 - Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right (FREE)

October 15 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Living Room - (School Night & Sound Exchange CMJ Showcase)
October 16 - New York, NY @ Berlin (ROSQUATCH: A Hairy & Sweaty CMJ Showcase - 8:10pm)
October 17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo (Atypical Beasts CMJ Showcase - 10:40pm) 

Pre-order Monika's Secret in the Dark on Other Music

Written by Gerald Hammill — September 30, 2015

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