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Look for Ex Cops' new 7" at your favorite music retailer, and you can also purchase one here.  

We are beyond excited to have in our hands the debut single from Brooklyn’s Ex Cops -- the first release on Other Music Recording Co. Last fall, around the same the time that we were first speaking to our friends at Fat Possum about partnering together for this label, Brian Harding dropped off a copy of his band’s self-released CD-EP. All of us were immediately taken by just how great his songs were; so taken, in fact, that we immediately began speaking to Ex Cops about doing a record with them. The versions of “You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb (Original Dram Session)” and “The Millionaire” are the same recordings that first caught our attention and are now being released here as a 7”. The group’s hazy mix of influences draws on vintage British and New Zealand indie, Factory records and a Velvets/Feelies jangle that is distinctly New York, all brought together with their own sunbaked pop vision. Since these songs were recorded, Ex Cops has expanded its ranks into a full band, and they are currently in the studio with producer John Siket putting the finishing touches on their debut album, set for release in late summer on Other. This 7”, however, is where it all began, both for the group and for Other Music Recording Co -- OM-001. 

Written by Lyndon Roeller — April 24, 2012

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