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Shintaro Sakamoto begins a new and perhaps unexpected chapter in his storied career with the release of his debut solo album, the otherworldly folk-pop masterpiece How to Live with a Phantom, out July 17th on Other. For over 20 years, Sakamoto was the former frontman of the legendary Japanese psychedelic group Yura Yura Teikoku, a band that rose from the storied Japanese psychedelic underground to huge mainstream success in their homeland (and cult status around the world), with a wholly original sound that still defies definition. The group disbanded in 2010, and Sakamoto set off into uncharted waters on his new solo material, working mostly alone to create a stunning set of quiet, percussive songs that draw on ‘70s folk and AM radio pop from the U.S., U.K. and Japan, as well as folk forms from across continents and eras. How to Live with a Phantom is an enigma and an instant classic and we could not be more excited to be releasing the album as Other Music Recording Co.’s debut full-length.

Written by Gerald Hammill — May 22, 2012

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