Other Music Recording Co

We're thrilled to welcome Nude Beach to the Other Music Recording Co. family! This great Brooklyn-based trio is very much a part of the DIY scene, but it’s always been more in spirit than in sound. Sure, they’re as beer-soaked, overdriven and raw as any group around, yet as hard as they’ve tried to ignore it, Nude Beach have never been able to quite shake the rock & roll of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen which sound-tracked their Long Island youth, and battered vinyl from the Byrds, the Replacements and the Jam sits side by side in their record collections with the hardcore and indie LPs and 7”s that brought these friends together in the first place. In an increasingly fractured music scene, Chuck, Ryan and Jimmy play against fashion and deliver straight up rock & roll, and it turns out, it’s still more fun than just about anything else going on.

Written by Gerald Hammill — May 25, 2012

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