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The singer / pianist Anna von Hausswolff hails from Sweden, the land of midnight sun, black metal and Ingmar Bergman. Her album Ceremony is primarily inspired by the death of her grandfather three years ago, and is informed by Anna’s childhood, when she and her sister sang in choirs and spent so much time around their father, the renowned avant-garde artist and composer Carl Michael von Hausswolff, as he worked with artists ranging from William S. Burroughs to Union Carbide Productions. To record this tribute to her grandfather, Anna, a unique and powerful singer, accompanies herself on that most sacred of instruments, the church organ. The result is a striking and deeply felt work that combines intimacy and majestic grandeur. Other Music Recording Co. (distributed by Fat Possum) releases Ceremony in North America on July 9, with a U.K. / E.U. release by City Slang the month before on June 17. Von Hausswolff will perform July 10 at Glasslands in Brooklyn, and will tour North America in the fall. "Mountains Crave" is streaming on Pitchfork and you can also watch the song's video here.

Written by Gerald Hammill — April 15, 2013

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