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"Tempo" is about freeing yourself from the man’s clock. Boogarins are making a video for the song, and the band wants fans to send them their own short video clips, showing one of two things:

1) THE MAN'S WORLD: images and scenes of traffic, skyscrapers, development, boring work or school — the world you want to escape.

2) YOUR SANCTUARY: What makes time stop for you, where can you escape? Friends, family, nature, music, art — anything that makes you feel open and free.

Have fun with it, you can be as literal or as abstract as you want, and you can send as many clips as you want, but each one should be no longer than 10 seconds, shot horizontally/landscape mode on the highest quality setting you can. Upload clips here: http://bit.ly/1J7ZSCV. By uploading your film, you give Boogarins the irrevocable right to use any and all footage in the “Tempo” video, or any way they choose, in perpetuity.

Written by Gerald Hammill — December 31, 2015

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