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Other Music congratulates Wyatt Cenac on his Grammy nomination for Brooklyn!

This past October 21, Netflix premiered Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn, stand-up comedian Wyatt Cenac’s sophomore comedy specialThat same day, Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn was released as a 1,000 piece limited edition vinyl LP via Cenac’s production company, Amalgamated Bear, and distributed by Other Music, and quickly sold out.

The special is entitled Brooklyn in part because it was recorded in Brooklyn at Union Hall, a mainstay of the New York comedy scene for the last decade, but also largely due to the fact that Wyatt doesn’t enjoy thinking up titles for things. In it, Wyatt spends his time sharing his observations ranging from the weirdness of adults giving each other hickeys, to watching the neighborhood where his grandmother lived for decades become the backdrop for at least three network sitcoms, a cop drama and probably a reality show about cheesemongers. In keeping with the DIY spirit that has turned Brooklyn into an adjective, Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn is directed by Cenac and features puppets as well as cameos from comedian Eugene Mirman (“Bob’s Burgers”) and Gbenga Akinnagbe from “The Wire.”

A/V Club has premiered a short documentary shot in a Brooklyn record factory showing the making of the comedy LP, with cameos from a puppet Cenac. 


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